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History of the passion symbol crucifix QUESTION from Janet Jackson September 29, 2001 I would like to know the history of the passion symbol crucifix. I have just seen one of these standing crucifixes and no one seems to have ever seen one before. The crucifix is a foot high and made of wood with tons of metal symbols attached of the passion. It appears old. Why is it we don't see these types of crucifixes?
ANSWER by Q & A Staff on September 17, 2001 Dear Janet,
The cross you mention is more than likely a scene from a whimsey bottle or puzzle bottle. This was an art form which was popular in the early 20th century. Mostly they display ships in bottles, but according to the folk art site SD Jones Folk Art other scenes were made too, including crucifixes.
This web page has many pictures of such bottles with crucifixes, so you can possibly verify that the one you saw is of the same type.
Thanks, Janet.
God bless,
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