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Indulgence June 14, 1877 QUESTION from Cathy Norrell May 6, 2001 I have a Shadow box reflecting articles (items) and a crucifix placed on a print, all relating to the Passion of Christ. I am interested in finding out if there items were sold or given to those to who the Indulgence was granted or if these shadowboxes were made in volume commorating the granting of the Indulgence. The title is Thy Kingdom Come.
Cathy Norrell
ANSWER by Mr. Sean Hyland on May 24, 2001
Dear Cathy,
The indulgence you mention is depicted in the following link: Folk Artisans Web site
I presume the picture is the same as the one you are referring to.
It is described as a framed crucifix, with metal ornaments symbolic of various aspects of Jesus' life and resurrection. The background is a print of Jerusalem, and there is a card at the bottom that reads Thy Kingdom Come, 100 days indulgence each time, Pius IX, 14th June 1877.
While it is impossible for me to say with certainty that the shadow box was produced with the indulgenced articles, I can say that indulgenced articles did often come in some form of holder, often a crucifix in a glass bottle We can see this in the example of another indulgence which was issued by Pope Blessed Pius IX on the same day, 14 June 1877.
You can find a picture and description here SD Jones Folk Art website
The indulgence reads Halt! Das Herz Jesus is mit unsZukomme uns das Reich! 100 TAGE ABLASS.
Translated into English it reads: Stop! The Heart of Jesus is with us! Come into His Kingdom! 100 DAYS INDULGENCE.!
So in conclusion, I would say it is certainly possible the shadow box and the indulgenced articles came as a unit, but cannot be certain. You might get a definitive answer from an antique dealer.
God Bless, Sean Hyland.
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