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religious dominance QUESTION from Cody S. Torian on December 28, 2002 I would just like to know what your opinion of the other religions in the world chances are for exceptance in to heaven are.????????????????????? please e-mail back. Please don't make it a ver-batum from the bible of your choice answer. I would like to know YOUR... OPINION,,,? Signed, doubting religion....
ANSWER by Mr. Troy Martz on January 14, 2003 Dear Mr. Torian:
I am afraid that you are the victim of modern teachings that place a preeminence on subjective feelings and opinions rather than relying on factual evidence and reason to discern the truth.
The fact is that my opinion is of little value. I could think that everyone is reincarnated into ants who life in my basement, but my belief or opinion does not make it so.
When discussing the possibility of eternal life, the only thing that matters is the truth. These are some of the pertinent truths as I understand them to be taught by the Church:

1. Salvation is only through the Grace of God 2. God's Grace is brought to mankind by Jesus Christ through His death, resurrection, and ascention to Heaven where He offers Himself before the Throne of God (see Rev. 6:6) 3. God wills (that means desires, not forces) all to be saved 4. God's Justice is infinite 5. God's Mercy is also equally infinite
Do I have reason from the above truths to hope for the possibility of salvation for those who have never heard (not heard and rejected) the Gospel of Christ? Yes, though I do not know how God's mercy works for these people.
I do know that since I, and most of Western Civilization, have heard the Gospel preached all of my life that to reject the Gospel would be damnation.
Since I have heard and accepted the Gospel by entering into the Body of Christ (the Church) and obey the authority that Christ left behind (the Church in union the Pope, the Successor of St. Peter), I have a reasonable expectation that if I don't reject these things I will attain Heaven. That is why I have the Peace of Christ.
That is my opinion -- though I'm sorry to disappoint you since it is based on Church teaching and on the Church's authoritative interpretation of Scripture.
Pax Christi (Peace of Christ), Troy
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