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Upside down cross QUESTION from David on May 7, 2002 I know that the upside down cross that appears frequently in pictures of the pope is a reference to the tradition that St. Peter was executed on an upside down cross. But frequently, this symbol is used in conjunction with satanism.
My questions:
1. Presumably the RCC started using the symbol first. How did it come to be used by satanists?
2. Why does the RCC not discontinue use of this symbol? It seems to fuel the fire of some protestants who claim that the Catholic Church is the harlot of Revolation.
Please forgive me if this question is somewhat off topic. It didn't really seem to fit anywhere else.
ANSWER by Mr. Troy Martz on July 22, 2002 Dear David:
Thank you for your questions, my apologies for the delay in responding.
Let me answer your questions directly:
1. Satanists use any means they can to mock the True Church. They are known to desecrate Tabernacles in Catholic Churches. They make these attacks, prompted by the evil spirits, because Satan recognizes the Real Presence in the Eucharist. Quite simply, Satan attacks the Catholic Church because She is the greatest threat to his kingdom. Though Christianity as a whole is his enemy, he focuses his efforts on the Catholic Church because he knows that She is the One, Holy, Catholic (which means universal) and Apostolic Church founded by Christ and protected by the Holy Spirit until the end of time as Jesus promised (see John 14:16,26 & 16:13, 1 Timothy 3:15, Matthew 28:20 for starters).
2. Refraining from using legitimate symbols for the Catholic Church's Apostolic Succession would not prevent vicious people (even those who claim to follow Christ) from attacking the Church. Rather, it would give credibility to both the lies told by these hatefilled bigots and the satanists. Honestly, the Church has seen worse attacks then either bigotry or mockery and has continued to survive and thrive till long after the memory of Her attackers has faded into dust. The lies told today will fail just as the lies told during every previous generation have failed.
Enjoy the Peace of knowing that Jesus is faithful to His promises and will never abandon His Bride, the Church.
Pax Christi, Troy
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