How to Answer Protestants Forum: Fundamentalism and God's Grace

Fundamentalism and God's Grace QUESTION from Edward Nigma October 20, 2001 Which modern day religion believes in Salvation by God's grace alone?

ANSWER by Mr. Troy Martz on October 23, 2001 Dear Mr. Nigma:
The quick answer is that only Christianity teaches total reliance on God's grace for salvation. Different denominations within Christianity argue on how we get that grace (faith alone vs. faith in action), but all Christians agree that our salvation is a free gift from God.
Pax Christi, Troy Martz
P.S. Please don't use a pseudonymn when posting questions. If you don't want your name published, ask us to keep it anonymous. I don't believe for a minute that your real name is E. Nigma nor do I believe that you are the Riddler from Batman genre.

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