How to Answer Protestants Forum: Introducing Troy Martz, our new Forum Host

Introducing Troy Martz as our New Host for the Answering Protestant Objections Forum
ANNOUNCEMENT by Bro. John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 19, 2001 Hi Folks:
Please welcome Mr. Troy Martz, our New Host for the Answering Protestant Objections Forum.
Mr. Martz also is Host for the Pro-Life Forum and now adds to his duties the apologetics of this forum.
Mr. Martz is a lay apologist and Pro-Life activist. He has actively worked in Pro-Life efforts for the past 13 years including serving on the Board of a Crisis Pregnancy Center, starting the Gabriel Project at two parishes, and working at the parish, diocese, and state level to promote respect for all human life.
Mr. Martz has taught Bible Studies and Apologetics in recent years and is currently working on a MA Degree in Religion from Catholic Distance University.
His conversion from Pentecostalism stemmed largely through the consistent pro-life witness of a strong Catholic family and the Apostolic Authority of the Catholic Church.
Mr. Martz and his wife Mary live in Maryland and homeschool their three young children: Joseph, John Paul, and Anna.
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