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New Sacramentary for 1999? QUESTION from Mr. Ronald Smith September 8, 1999
On a private level (usually snail-mail or E-mail) I am used as a free resource person by people needing questions answered about our Roman Catholic faith. On liturgy questions, I extensively use The Sacramentary published in 1985. Recently, a few sources on the NET have indicated a new Sacramentary will be out within weeks that includes any changes and instructions since 1985. I contacted Catholic Book Publishing Co. and they know nothing about this. Do you have any better information on a new Sacramentary? ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on September 8, 1999
Dear Ronald, The new Roman Missal is presently at the printers for the Latin edition and should be available soon. The English edition is supposed to be out before the end of the year. The only changes that I'm aware of are the addition of feasts for those saints who have been canonized by Pope John Paul II. The only changes in the American edition of the Lectionary which became available in January, is the inclusion of some horizontally inclusive language. Most of the more progressive changes to the Lectionary which were originally recommended by the U.S. Bishop's Conference were turned down by Rome (as if that it matters to the more liberal and trendy liturgists of our day). In Christ, John Miskell Back to Index Page

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