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Deacon Singing While Distributing Precious Blood QUESTION from Wayne Labelle on January 31, 2003 The Deacon at the Church I attend weekdays has started the practice of leading the Singing during the Communion Procession. The problem is, he is also distributing the Precious Blood at the time, so does not say The Blood Of Christ before offering the Cup to each Communicant. I approached him about this being Illicit and an error, even providing him with the GIRM article that states this as being necesary. He says that the GIRM is only a guideline, and that he will NOT stop the practice of singing during distribution of Holy Communion, as we know that we are receiving the Blood of Christ so it is not necessary for him to say it. He accused me of being too Scrupulous. He also permits the practice of Self-Intinction, and refuses to stop individuals from doing this. Can you confirm if these are serious Abuses, and what do I do now!
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on February 6, 2003 Dear Mr. Labelle,
Yes of course these are serious abuses but I doubt there is much you can do since clearly the man is disobedient. (The GIRM is NOT merely a guideline; it has force of law, etc...) The deacon answers to his bishop who should instruct him on the importance of properly celebrating Holy Mass. His pastor would also do fine, but often the priest is just as disobedient. If this is bothering you go ahead and write to your bishop, but don't expect much to happen. Unfortunately those who are ignorant of liturgical law far outnumber those who respect it, and so bishops seem reluctant to defend it.
Simply showing him the instructions will not help since he considers it a suggested guideline.
Mr. Slavek
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