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Saturday Evening Mass QUESTION from Mark Bleasdale on August 16, 2002 The Church allows the Sunday Mass to be anticipated on Saturday evening. People who go to such Masses fulfil the obligation.
However, I thought this provision was to allow people who could not possibly get to Mass on Sunday.
I know that society has changed and many people have to work on Sundays, luckily I don't but my wife does. But there is always a Mass on Sunday when she's not at work and we go together at the time she can go.
I am not questioning the Church but I cannot understand why so many places make use of this provision. It seems to me that the letter of the law is being fulfilled but not the spirit of the law.
Plus, as I understand it the Bishop's permission is required to anticipate Sunday Mass. Do all those churches that use this provision have this episcopal permission?
If I really couldn't go to church on Sunday then I know I would go on Saturday evening but that would be an exception. Anyway I couldn't in my parish as I know our priest as similar views and we don't have a Saturday evening Mass.
I wondered if you could explain why this provision is so freely and widely used. I think we should fulfil our Sunday obligation but on SUNDAY.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on August 21, 2002 Dear Mr. Bleasdale,
I think that this provision is so freely and widely used because it is so popular. In my home parish, The Saturday Mass often has as many people as both Sunday Masses combined. Pastors do not and should not need to ask WHY are you attending this Mass instead of Sunday... because of nessecity or convenience. Pastors see that Saturday Mass is very well attended, so then it is widely offered.
I agree that it is too bad that more of these people do not attend Mass on Sunday, and I feel that pastors should preach the importance of Sunday.
Mr. Slavek
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