Liturgy & Liturgical Law Forum: Has the GIRM jumped the communion rail?

Has the GIRM jumped the communion rail? QUESTION from D. L. Howey on August 10, 2002 Greetings Mr. Slavek, and thanks for a fine forum.
Is it my misunderstanding, or is the new GIRM, and the adaptions, moving much more into the pews than the previous Roman Missals.
I would think the rubrics would be more concerned about fine details of the Sacrifice at the Altar than when I kneel/sit/stand or how to line up for Communion.
Is this another modernism trait working to get the conservatives and the trads to shake hands and dance because everyone else is? Or am I being to old fashioned because I want to rebel and kneel at the Sanctus thru to the final blessing, including at Holy Communion?
Thanks again sir; and a good study translation of the new GIRM can be found down under at
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on August 17, 2002 Dear Mr. Howey,
I am not sure I agree with you since I consider the new instruction to be quite fine and truly an improvement over the previous one. ALL things contained inside are very important. (when to sit/stand etc.)
Mr. Slavek
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