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Liturgy & Liturgical Law Forum: Procreation after Adam & Eve

by Catherine Frakas 12 Jun 2002

Procreation after Adam & Eve QUESTION from Vince Parise on July 18, 2002 I have a question regarding the logical procreation of the human race with regard to our original parents Adam & Eve.
Since Scripture tell us that Eve gave birth to Cain & Abel and then later, exact time period unknown, Seth, after Cain murdered his brother Abel, Cain, it is recorded, takes a wife. Where did this woman come from? Is it possible that there were, living upon the earth, creatures, not created in the image and likeness of God, but in fact, creatures who, through evolution were similar in human likeness to Adam & Eve, and who, were also, permitted by God, to evolve through the natural process of evolution.
It this is possible and not against Church teaching it would appease my somewhat logical mind, however, being a strong Catholic, I will abide with Church teaching even if it be contrary to what I may think. I will await you answer.
Thank you,
Vince Parise Orlando, Fl
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on July 24, 2002 Dear Mr. Parise,
I am happy to answer your question here since our scripture forum is closed because we are in need of a host.
It is very good to have a logical mind, many of the worlds greatest thinkers were Catholic. Logic and Catholicism are never in disagreement, remember, they both come from the same God.
It is permissible for a catholic to believe that the MATTER of our human bodies have evolved, although our SOULS are clearly created at one point from God. As Catholics we are required to believe that the entire human race descends ultimately from a single set of parents, Adam and Eve. This idea has more scientific evidence than does the more common evolution theories. (I find it interesting to note that after all these years of research no reasonable atheist has the confidence to call it anything other than the THEORY of evolution) At a recent apologetics meeting I attended, someone was bold enough to say that it has recently been scientifically proven that were are descended from a single set of parents. There were no references cited, so for now we'll just need to consider it a rumor. I am confident myself that in time science will come up with the same definite answer that the church has been teaching for years.
Okay, so where did this woman come from? Well, there is only one possible place: the only set of parents on Earth at that time, Adam and Eve. This sounds unattractive to us, but it is necessary if an entire race is to descend from one set of parents.
It is often asked at this point what about genetic defects. It is possible that reproductive science was different thousands of years ago. I am sure that much science was different at that time. Also it is possible that miracles prevented defects, several modern day miracles are scientifically documented as authentic.
Thank you for writing,
Mr. Slavek
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