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staged theatrics QUESTION from Dolores Bordine on May 13, 2002 On Christmas Eve, after homily, Joseph, Mary (dressed in garments of the time)carrying a live baby entered the church, walked up the center aisle and proceeded to the altar andturned and faced the congregation. Then Santa Claus followed, knelt infront of the group and left a present at their feet. A typical Christmas song was then sung by Santa Claus. After this they left and the offertory was begun.
I found this to be an interruption to the procedure of the Mass and felt that this staged act should be appropriately at the end of the Mass.
Is there any rubrics for this type of performance?
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on May 19, 2002 Dear Mrs. Bordine,
NO, there are no rubrics that call for Santa singing in Church.
It is inappropriate and forbidden to introduce these staged theatrics into Sacred Liturgy.
Mr. Slavek
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