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Order of Sacraments - Reception into the Church QUESTION from Joan Moore on April 11, 2002 Each year there people become Catholics at the Easter Vigil. Some are baptized as adults, and then receive Confirmation and later in the Mass, First Holy Communion.
Some, however are baptized Non-Catholic Christians who are received into the Church, making a profession of faith. These, clearly need to go to Confession prior to receiving Confirmation and Holy Communion.
It seems to be the practice to have these RCIA Candidates go to confession some days prior to the Easter Vigil - when they are not yet Catholic. Is this correct?
I have observed this in my parish. I have also been the sponsor for a young woman who was received into the Church in the Opus Dei center. In this case, the woman made her profession of faith in the Oratory, in the presence of the priest, me (as sponsor) and a group of Opus Dei members. Then she made her first confession.
The following evening, there was a Mass at the center, and she was confirmed and received First Holy Communion. I have come to the conclusion that this is really the best procedure. It certainly seems more correct.
Can you tell me, what is the correct order for the reception of Sacraments for already baptized adults?
Thank you
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on April 19, 2002 Dear Mrs. Moore,
Yes, this order is correct, that is, with confession.
There is one mistake, though, you described those candidates that were baptized as children as non-Catholic. This is wrong, they are Catholic, although non-practicing Catholics.
Lent, for all Catholics, is a time or repentance and confession. It is especially so for those who are fully entering the church at the Easter Vigil, leaving behind former lives and converting to the Lord.
Mr. Slavek
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