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Am I right or wrong? QUESTION from Debbie on April 4, 2002 Dear Mr. Slavek,
The grace of out Lord be with you. I live close to two Catholic churches, and I cannot say either one is really ideal, but I continue to attend Mass as I feel an improper Mass is better than no Mass at all. At the one church I go to, Sunday Mass had a band complete with drums, and so on. Sometimes the music really rocks! I understand that is not proper, even if it is very nice.
At the other I have tried, the congregation holds hands while singing Our Father, and the priest walks all over to shake everybody's hand and say, Peace be with you. He thinks it is acceptable to wash women's feet on Holy Thursday, and even requests that women wear pants for the honour - clearly to make them seem more like men?
He has no problem with sex before marriage, a sin I call FORNICATION, and he has even said to me rather firmly, It's up to individuals to decide whether they want to have sex before marriage or not. I disagree. We should not ignore the bible. Many of the women wear pants or shorts to Mass, and it is such a relief to me to see some women still dressed as women. To my relief, a few still cover their heads for Mass.
I now tend to go for weekday Mass, when their is no rocking music, just the proper prayers and Communion. It's a pity not to go over the weekend, but the weekday Mass is truly when it seems most proper. Am I so old-fashioned that I should be living on Mars, or am I right?
I thank you for your response. Please let Brother John-Paul know that I have read through every single question and answer on every single forum, and I have learnt so much from doing so!
Best wishes, Debbie
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on April 7, 2002 Dear Debbie,
You are not wrong, as a Catholic you have a right to authentic Liturgy in the way the Church intends. It is not right that your pastor places his own liturgical ideas higher than what the church instructs, thereby robbing you unjustly of your right.
Debbie, your pastor is leading souls AWAY from Christ if he is teaching that fornication is not sinful. This is absolutely tragic, and needs to be corrected. The best person to do this is he who is entrusted with the care of all the souls in your diocese, the bishop, to whom your pastor has promised obedience on the day of his (the pastor's) ordination.
Please inform your bishop of what is happening. A brief letter ought to do, call your diocese's office (should be in the phonebook) and ask whoever answers how to address the envelope.
Thank you for caring and helping,
Mr. Slavek
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