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Gospel QUESTION from Ann on March 24, 2002 This Palm Sunday, the priest didn't say the Gospel ( the passion ) until right before the end of mass. Was this the right thing to do? Also, at the begining of mass, he had some children come up in back of the altar, with palms. Was this right?
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on April 3, 2002 Dear Ann,
No priest has the authority to change the order of the Mass, so moving the reading of the passion to the end is not licit. It is not the right thing to do.
Although it is not explicitly stated, I will not say that it is okay for the children or any group of laypeople to move behind the altar in any form of procession. The laity have their place in the church, and the clergy and ministers have their place in the sanctuary. To bring the laity into the sanctuary is to blur the distinction between them and the clergy.
Mr. Slavek
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