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Re: Christmas Proclamation QUESTION from Kurt Barragan on March 17, 2002 Dear Mr Slavek,
You have had a number of questions about the Christmas proclamation. It is (or at least was) from an official liturgical source. It is from the Roman Martyrology for December 25th. The Martyrology is rarely used outside of religious communities - the only part which we often hear is the proclamation of Christmas. This is commonly sung immediately before Midnight Mass begins.
I am not sure what the present status of the proclamation is. It was certainly part of the pre-Vatican II martyrology. The reform of the Roman Martyrology in the light of the council was only very recently completed - a Latin editio typica was published by the Congregation for Divine Worship last year. I haven't seen a copy of the new text and there is no English translation yet. I can't be certain that the proclamation is still in the official martyrology. My guess is that it probably is.
I hope this is of some help.
Yours in Jesus through Mary,
Kurt Barragan
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on March 25, 2002 Dear Mr. Barragan,
Yes, this is helpful for my readers and me. Thanks for posting.
Mr. Slavek
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