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Christmas Proclamation QUESTION from A. Basto on March 7, 2002 Dear Mr Slavek,
It seems that the Proclamation mentioned by Mr. Brett in his post about the Christmas Proclamation is the same proclamation that was read in the Abbey where I attend Mass here in Brazil.
I assume that Brett is writing from America, and so this Proclamation, even if not a Liturgical text, seems to be in several places arround the world. I should add that, shortly after Chrismas, I watched a TV recording of the Christmas Night Mass at the Vatican Basilica, presided over by the Pope, and I could also identify the reading of the Proclamation before the Entrance.
Regarding the reading of the Proclamation in the Abbey here in Brazil where I attended Midnight Mass, it was done in Latin, before the entrance, and the deacon was vested in his mass vestments. No reading was ommited.
I trust your knowledge when you say that the Proclamation is not a liturgical text approved for usage, but this is a very strange situation, because I have found the proclamation's text in several sites, using the Altavista Website. I must say that, before Christmas 2001, I have never heard of such Proclamation.
Also, I think that in the Proclamation I listened to here in Brazil, no direct reference was made to the exact time elapsed since the creation of the world. I am not an expert in Latin, but I think that the proclamation stated: several centuries having passed since the creation of the world...
Also, the proclamation mentioned the putting of the Rainbow in Heaven as a sign of allegiance (alliance?) and peace (foederis et pacis).
All other facts and dates mentioned in the proclamation mentioned by Brett seem to be exactly the same as the fatcs and dates mentioned in the proclamation I listened to.
I specificaly remember the reference of One thousend five-hundred and ten from Moses coming out of Egypt, and the mention of the fortieth second year of the reign of Octavius Augustus.
I must add that I noted that the website mentioned by Brett seems, prima facie, not to be in full communion with the Church, but that the Abbey where I attend Mass is, and that we use the normal Roman Rite of Pope Paul VI.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on March 14, 2002 Dear Mr. Basto,
It is interesting for me to hear that this is also used in Brazil. Perhaps this proclamation is a popular private devotion that I am not familiar with. That would explain why it is being used BEFORE the entrance.
If any of my readers has more information about this I would be happy to post it here.
Mr. Slavek
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