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Sacremental Wine QUESTION from Mickey on February 12, 2002 Recently I noticed that my parish is using ordinary blush (from a box) wine at Mass. Should we be using sacremantel wine or is this off the shelf wine ok?
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on February 18, 2002 Dear Mickey,
This is from the General Instruction:
284. The wine for the eucharist must be from the fruit of the vine (see Lk 22:18), natural, and pure, that is not mixed with any foreign substance.
I am not a wine expert, but I think that most table wines would be acceptable. Maybe one of my readers who knows more about wines could answer for sure.
I would prefer to use one that is made for this sacred use, but I think that table wine is okay, as long as it is natural, pure, and not mixed with something else.
Mr. Slavek
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