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West To East QUESTION from Marcia September 8, 2001
Dear Brother-
I am interested in the Eastern Rites, simply beacuse although I was raised as a cradle Catholic in The Roman Catholic Church, I am having a difficult time not with my faith, but with the lack of reverence and obedience in my diocese in general. Iwish to enter a church that does not make individual abuses in both the liturgy and the liturgical music. RC churches here are more & more becoming little islandswhere liberties are taken to be politically pleasing to the people.
My question: if I attend an eastern rite in communion with The Holy See, is it sinful for me to receive communion with leavened bread, not genuflect, and othe RC rules that are not present there? since I was raised RC, are their traditions a cause for me to be disobedient to my own rite?
thank you!
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on September 13, 2001
Dear Marcia,
When you are participating in the Liturgy of another rite, you are to follow the rules of that rite. SO, it would be appropriate for you to NOT kneel at the consecration, etc., depending specifically which rite you are with.
Mr. Slavek
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