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Wedding Marches Acceptable? QUESTION from Marcia September 4, 2001
Iam a church organist, and my diocese soes have a Church Musician's Guild, yet, I cannot seem to get a definite answer. Are the two marches, The Bridal Chorus and The Wedding March unacceptable to play anymore? I have heard pros & cons, and would like a final word. My Parish priest id generous and let's the engaged couple have just about anything- I would prefer to learn what's accepted or not in the Catholic Church. Thank you!
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on September 7, 2001
Dear Mrs. Marcia,
The reason why you cannot find a definite answer is because the church does not rule on specific pieces as okay for liturgical use.
Rather, the church states that music must be sacred, and not related to that which is profane.
I believe it is the opinion of most catholic musicians that these two pieces are NOT sacred, and have thier origin among the protestants or civil ceremonies, which have a differing idea of what marriage is. Although these ideas are not reflected explicitly in the music, it is appropriate to use this time as a time of praise to God.
So, if I were to give a definite answer, it would be a no.
Mr. Slavek.
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