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consecration bells QUESTION from Mary August 25, 2001
We would like to buy a set of consecration bells as a gift to our priest. He has a beautiful voice and sings the consecration, when he the raises host and the bells are rung we shudder to the high pitched jingle bells. We know the bells are to draw attention to the consecration but do they have to raise the hair on the back of your neck? Is it wrong to search for bells that could be rung in a chord? I wonder because I have been searching and have found nothing. Wondering, Mary
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on August 30, 2001
Dear Mary,
No, it is not a requirement that the altar bells raise the hair on the backs of the congregation. I am curious to hear what your bells sound like!
No, it is not wrong to search for bells that ring in a chord. Most of the bells that I have heard ring in a minor third, or a slightly out of tune minor third. It is beautiful, it gives glory to God and calls the people's attention to the Eucharist.
Mr. Slavek.
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