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The Blessed sacrament and proper disposaL QUESTION from Deacon Gerald Foley August 24, 2001
What is the correct Church Teaching on the proper dispposal of the Sacred Eucharistic Species in case of necessity. I allude to the matter of many present situations when Ordinary Ministers and (perhaps more probable) Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist may have have to dispose of a particle of the Host say in in a Senior Home or a Hospital when the person had to reject it or could not swallow it. At one time Churches had a proper disposal procedure available; as we know, many do not today, and many of our ministers are left in ignorance regarding this important issue. Thany you so much for your help. Deacon Foley.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on August 30, 2001
Dear Rev. Mr. Foley,
If a consecrated Host is in a condition in which it cannot be consumed, it is to be placed is a vessel containing holy water and dissolved. If possible, the vessel needs to be secured, perhaps in a safe for storage of sacred vessels. After the Host has been dissolved, the contents of the vessel may be poured down the sacrarium.
Mr. Slavek
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