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Resources on Liturgy/Liturgical Law QUESTION from Troy Martz August 6, 2001
Dear Mr. Slavek:
What resources do you recommend to people who want to help reclaim proper liturgy in their parishes? Also, you have referenced Notitiae in a few questions -- is this resource available on-line (if not, where do can I access this)?
Anything on-line would be appreciated.
Thanks and God Bless,
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on August 10, 2001
Dear Mr. Martz,
The best resources for liturgical law are the liturgical documents themselves. This is because the law leaves no room for personal interpretation, so it is not necessary to use another resource.
These documents include the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, found at the front of sacramentary. It will also soon be available in our library. The NEW GIRM, hoped to be in force at the end of this year, is not available online in English. A study translation is available from the NCCB for twelve dollars.
Other documents contain the regulations for the other sacraments, such as the Rite of Baptism or the Rite of Penance. I have never seen these on-line but they are in virtually every catholic religious supply store.
Vatican II contains a document, Sacrosanctum Concilium, which should be read by all involved in Liturgy. Much of the liturgical renewals are ordered in this document.
Although Canon Law deals very little directly with the Liturgy, it would be wise to keep a copy nearby.
Occaisionally I mention other documents that have been published since Vatican II, they normally deal with a specific aspect of the Liturgy and are not worth mentioning here.
Finally, Notitiae. Notitiae is a journal published by Rome that contains official clarifications and additional regulations since the release of the GIRM. Most if not all of NOtitiae will be included in the new GIRM. It is liturgically binding, and is available in our library at Many common modern liturgical abuses are covered here so it is essential that we are familiar with it.
Most of these documets are not indexed, so finding something may be challenging to someone who is not familiar with the documents. There are a lot of good faithful guides which are NOT authoritative but yet are helpful in finding what you need. Look in catholic bookstores online, these guides usually are not expensive.
Or, if you need to find something specific quickly, ask me on the forum.
Thank you for the question.
Mr. Slavek
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