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Pastoral Agenda / Prayers after communion QUESTION from Antonio Basto June 30, 2001
In my parish church, it is common practice for the priest to give some information about the pastoral activities in the parish just before the final blessing, during the concluding rites of Mass. There is also one parish near my home where, every wednsday, there is a (very beautiful) special prayer of devotion to St. Anthony and a special blessing after the postcommunion prayer but before the final blessing. Priests and laymen alike seem to regard that moment of Mass as a proper moment for any kind of prayer or communiqué. For example, sometimes on Sunday, the priest will ask for all those whoose birthday falls during the coming week to aproach the Altar for a <> acclamation by the congregation. What is the Church's norm regarding activities during that part of the Holy Liturgy
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on July 6, 2001
Dear Mr. Basto,
It is permitted to make brief announcements at this time.

If there are any brief announcements, they may be made at this time. (GIRM, n.123) Then, for Masses in which a deacon is present:

Following the prayer after communion, if there are any brief announcements, the deacon may make them, unless the priest prefers to do so himself. (GIRM, n.139) I does not seem to me that an additional prayer and blessing or the recitation of the Happy Birthday to be a brief announcement. However, it DOES seem to be permissable for the priest to say, Today is Mrs. Whoever's birthday, please wish her happy birthday if you see her after Mass.
Mr. Slavek
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