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GIRM 2000 Liturgical Attire QUESTION from Father Gerard May 25, 2001
Dear Mr. Slavek
GIRM 2000, seems to indicate that lay ministers who exercise a liturgical function during Holy Mass, should be vested in an Alb, or another kind of distinctive attire. Yet, I notice at Papal Masses which are celebrated in St. Peter's Basilica, and other places, members of the laity who proclaim the Scriptures or lead the General Intercessions, are not vested in liturgical attire.
I have no difficulty with an installed Lector or Acolyte wearing an Alb, however, I do find it distracting to see women vested in Amice, Alb and Cincture serving at the altar. In light of the Papal Masses, could there be some exceptions to the new rule?
Reverend Father Gerard
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on May 27, 2001
Hello Father,
Lay ministers who are not instituted as lectors may wear ordinary clothing. This is probably what we are seeing at St. Peter's.
The following is from the General Introduction to the Lectionary from 1981.

54. During the celebration of Mass with a congregation a second priest, a deacon, and an instituted reader must wear the distinctive vestment of their office when they go up to the ambo to read the word of God. Those who carry out the ministry of reader just for the occasion or even regularly but without institution may go to the ambo in ordinary attire, but this should be in keeping with the customs of the different regions. Mr. Slavek
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