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Eucharistic Prayer VII? QUESTION from Brian Amend May 25, 2001
Dear Mr. Slavek,
Thank you for taking the time to answer questions in this forum. At daily Mass this morning, I saw that the priest was using Eucharistic Prayer VII. I do not know if this is an approved Eucharistic Prayer. If it was not, was the Mass invalid?
I could catalogue a whole series of abuses that occurs at every Mass at my parish. Moreover, there are only two parishes within driving distance of my house, and all of them do something or other that is an abuse. For instance, both use Carlo Rossi wine, with all the impurities therein, for Eucharistic wine. Thank God, this is only illicit and does not invalidate the Mass. What can one do in such a situation beside pray for the priests in question. I am hesitant to talk to them for various reasons, and I know the Bishop of our Diocese does not care. I know this is a lot for one post, and you may just want to answer the one question above, which is fine. Hope you are having best of luck in your studies.
Peace of Christ,
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on May 27, 2001
Dear Mr. Amend,
Eucharistic Prayer VII? There are ten Eucharistic prayers approved for use in the US, but none of them are referred to officially or unofficially as Eucharistic Prayer VII.
There are nine prayers in the Sacramentary, and another in a red booklet called Eucahristic Prayer for Masses for Various Needs and Occasions. The same prayer is printed four times in this booklet, each with variations in the preface and intercessions. They are numbered I through IV.
The origin of this prayer VII is a mystery to me.. apparently you have seen it because you know that it is called prayer VII. Perhaps the priest retyped all the prayers in one booklet and numbered them one through thirteen. Perhaps he or a member of a liturgical committee composed additional prayers, which obviously is extremely illicit. I wouldn't doubt that this has happened, especially because you state that abuses are common in your parish.
If this prayer was indeed composed, and therefore not approved for use, it is illicit. It is also possibly invalid, depending on the text of the prayer. It probably was valid, for I suspect the author would be careful to include the words this is my Body and this is the cup of my blood.
I am not a wine expert, but ENOUGH impurities would make it invalid matter. ANY impurities makes it illicit. I do not know if Carlo Rossi wine contains enough.
Thank you for your kind words, do what you believe is prudent in your situation.
Mr. Slavek
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