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Two Masses and Communions in one day QUESTION from Jane L May 5, 2001
I usually attend Mass every day; either a 7:00 AM or a 5:30PM. I understand that the faithful can go to two different Masses and receive Communion if the Masses are for different purposes. e.g. Morning Mass as the Mass of the Day and also a funeral Mass later on.
The questions follows: Can I go to morning Mass (let's say Monday morning); then go to afternoon Mass on the same day with the intention of making this my Tuesday Mass; then not go on Tuesday?
It appears that the afternoon Mass could be thought of an anticipatory Mass (like Saturday afternoon/evening is for Sunday. However, the readings are the same both morning and afternoon which leaves me confused. I have checked the Catechism but still find it unclear.
Thank you
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on May 12, 2001
Dear Mrs. Jane:
Thank you for this interesting question. Actually, it would be a spiritual matter rather than liturgical, however you do raise a liturgical issue.
The short answer is, Monday evening does NOT count as Tuesday Mass. The liturgical day runs from midnight to midnight, with the exceptions of Sundays and solemnities, whose observance begins with evening of the previous day. That is why we can attend Mass on Saturday evening and it satisfies the Sunday obligation.
Since there is no obligation to attend Holy Mass on Tuesday, however, and if you decide to make it your personal devotion to attend Mass and devoutly receive the Eucharist seven times each week, attending Mass twice on Monday and skip Tuesday would satisfy YOUR OWN devotion, but you WOULD NOT have attended Tuesday's Mass or any any Mass that takes Tuesday's place, and you would have missed Tuesday's readings and a saint's feast or memorial that may have fallen on that day.
Therefore, I encourage you to attend Mass each day if it is possible, because the church encourages us to model our personal devotions around the liturgical life of the church.
If I have not totally answered your question, please feel free to submit a follow-up.
Mr. Slavek
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