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Ecumenical Baptism and Wonder Bread QUESTION from Rev. Mr. Deacon Larry Lottier November 1, 2000 1. What is an ecuminical baptism? We had a situation where a priest participated in a baptism with a Protestant minister. My question was into which faith life (church)was the child baptised?
2. There was a recent private Mass for a family group where the priest use Wonder Bread from the family kitchen as matter for the Eucharist. Was this valid or invalid matter? Illicit for sure, but invalid?
Thanks and blessings,
Deacon Larry Lottier
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on November 3, 2000 Dear Deacon Lottier,
The answer to the first question is that the child was baptized into the Catholic Church. Every valid baptism is a Catholic baptism no matter who administers the Sacrament or where it is administered. There is only one baptism. Every baptized Christian is baptized into the Catholic faith whether they realize it or not.
The Wonder Bread Mass was invalid.
In Christ,
John Miskell
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