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Defining Pastoral; a observation but also a question QUESTION from Adrian G Bruley May 14, 2000 Dear Mr. Miskell, This is more of an observation than question. I am curious of the use of the word pastoral as I feel it is being used some by pastors in the church including those with national columns. There is a specific definition: OF OR RELATING TO A PASTOR OR THE DUTIES OF A PASTOR. I have the impression that it is now being used to indicate fuzzy and warm, touchy and feely, (don't make anyone feel bad), instead of what is correct. It seems to be about what makes us feel good and what celebrates us and not about what is correct and lawful in the church. I just wanted to get this out....maybe I'm wrong or maybe there or others that feel as I do......I'm just curious.......Peace
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on May 14, 2000 Dear Adrian,
Thank you for sharing your observations. I agree with you that some people have invented new meanings for the word pastoral. The reinvention of this word occurs with liberals when used in the sense that you describe, and is also used by self-proclaimed traditionalists when they insist that the Second Vatican Council was only a pastoral council and therefore not binding.
John Miskell
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