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Repetition of the Sung Alleluia QUESTION from Fr. Taurasi April 29, 2000 Dear Mr. Miskell,
Regarding the repetition of the alleluia after the Gospel, I have noticed that all Papal Masses at St. Peter's in Rome, repeat the alleluia several times after the Gospel. It seems that this repetition gives the Deacon a chance to bring the Gospel Book to the Holy Father so that he may venerate it, and give a blessing with it.
Whether or not this second singing of the alleluia has Papal approval, I do not know. It may well be, that the Romans, after two thousand years of using the Roman Rite, don't get too bent out of shape about the number of times the alleluia is sung at Mass.
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on April 29, 2000 Dear Fr. Taurasi,
Thanks for your comments.
While I've watched plenty of Papal Masses, I must admit to never noticing the alleluia being repeated several times after the Gospel. If it is repeated, then no doubt it has Papal approval, as the Holy Father will not take part in unauthorized innovation. Perhaps I just haven't found it mentioned in any of the authoritative documents. I'll be more attentive next time I watch a Papal Mass and see if I notice it.
I don't know if the Romans get bent out of shape about the number of times the alleluia is sung at Mass. But I do know there are liturgical rules about when the alleluia is sung, and I know the Pope has clearly and repeatedly stressed the importance of obeying these rules.
John Miskell
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