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GOOD FRIDAY QUESTION from Sandy April 22, 2000 I was wondering why on Good Friday the priest states that no sacraments will be celebrated but we still receive communion that was blessed during the Holy Thursday celebration? Is it because we are celebrating the day Christ poured out his blood for us or should we be receiving the bread at all? If Christ died for us on that day long ago should we not remember the same as the disciples did when they truly lost Jesus until he should himself to them?
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on April 22, 2000 Dear Sandy,
On Good Friday, we focus on the Cross. Each member of the Church tries to understand the price that Jesus paid for our redemption. In the solemn ceremonies of Good Friday, in the Adoration of the Cross, in the chanting of the Reproaches, in the reading of the Passion, and in receiving the pre-consecrated Host, we unite ourselves to Christ. The liturgical practice of this day has been observed from the earliest days of the Church. No Mass is celebrated, but the service of Good Friday is called the Mass of the Pre-sanctified because Communion which had already been consecrated on Holy Thursday is given to the people. We can see that the parts of the Good Friday service correspond to the divisions of Mass:
The liturgy of the Word -- reading of the Passion.
The intercessory prayers for the Church and the entire world, Christian and non-Christian.
Veneration of the Cross
Communion, or the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified.
I hope this answers your question.
John Miskell
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