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Kneeling during Eucharistic Prayer QUESTION from Kenneth L Aydlott January 4, 2000
Thanks so much for your response to this question. Your quote from James 4 is just what I've been looking for as a response to my pastor in our dispute over the liturgy (and other things, like proper authority). He says he would stand to be in union with the community he is in. I say to kneel because it is in union with the NCCB-USCC[, the proper authority]. ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on January 4, 2000
Dear Kenneth, Thank you for your comments. Your pastor reminds me of myself when I was an adolescent. I would often complain to my parents, but everybody's doing it. They would always respond with the old standard, If everybody were jumping off a bridge would you do it too? God bless, John Miskell Back to Index Page

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