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Placement of the tabernacle QUESTION from Rita Molloy January 24, 1999
What is the Church's teaching based on V II as it relates to placing the tabernacle in the main portion of the church? ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on January 25, 1999
Dear Rita, Thank you for your question. There's several opinions and / or preferences regarding the placement of the tabernacle. The progressive architectural design of some church buildings today can present a challenge as well. The authoritative documents of the Church address the situation quite well and they allow for some latitude. The tabernacle in which the blessed Eucharist is reserved should be sited in a distinguished place in a church or oratory, a place which is conspicuous, suitably adorned and conducive to prayer. [Canon 938-2 of the Code of Canon Law, 1983] The tabernacle in which the Eucharist is kept can be located on an altar, or away from it, in a spot in the church which is very prominent, truly noble and duly decorated, or in a chapel suitable for private prayer and for adoration by the faithful. [Inaestimabile Donum, Issued by the Sacred Congregation for the Sacraments and Divine Worship April 3, 1980] I hope this helps. In Christ, John Miskell Back to Index Page

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