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The GIRM and the Cerimonial of Bishops QUESTION from Deacon Larry LottierDecember 5,1998
What is the relationship of the GIRM and the COB? For example the GIRM #134 states at the Eucharistic prayer the deacon stands near but slightly behind the priest... and the COB says, the deacon kneels from the epiclesis to the elevation of the cup. Also, we've been told that the COB rubrics apply only when the bishop presides and it has no influence on regular liturgies. I have referred people to Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite and have been told that this is just one man's opinion. The GIRM has the final say. Can you help clarify?
Thank you and God bless,
Deacon Larry Lottier ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on December 5, 1998
Dear Deacon Lottier Thank you your question. On page nine of the Ceremonial of Bishops (COB)there is an official decree from the Congregation for Divine Worship explaining it's authority. It syas; The aforementioned pastoral and juridical norms issued by the Apostolic See, as well as the norms and rubrics already laid down in the liturgical books, remain in force, unless this Ceremonial corrects them. On page 20, item #12 we read; . . .These celebrations should also serve as a model for the entire diocese and be shining examples of active participation by the people. . . That's pretty straightforward language. God bless you and your ministry. In Christ John Miskell Back to Index Page

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