Explanation and criteria for Decorations and Service Awards for Legionnaires of St. Michael

Lord Knight Visitor The Lord Knight Visitor is second only the Lord Knight of the Cross in prestige and authority. He is the first counselor and advisor to the Lord Knight of the Cross. The Lord Knight Visitor holds the rank of Lord Knight Supreme Paladin (equivalent in the Marine Corp to a 4-star General) with additional authority as LSM Visitor and Inspector-General of LSM. As Visitor the task of the Lord Knight Visitor shall be to lead Legionnaires to sound and orthodox doctrine by banishing heresies, to maintain good morals, and to correct such as are evil within the ranks of the Legionnaires of St. Michael. By admonition and exhortation the Lord Knight Visitor shall seek to animate the Legionnaires to religion, peace, and innocence, and to put in vogue whatever else may be dictated by the prudence of him for the benefit of the faithful, as time, place and opportunity shall permit. This role is not unlike that of the Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith of the Catholic Church. As Inspector-General, the Lord Knight Visitor is the chief jurist of the Code of Chivalry. He interprets, enforces, and adjudicates breaches of the Code. This rank is reserved to men, preferably consecrated brothers.

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