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Camelot Warfare Library - Prayer of Victory

by Catherine Frakas 05 Jul 2013

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Prayer of Victory
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Spiritual Warfare Catalog Entry Return to Catalog Index Prayer of Victory Loving heavenly Father, I praise you that Satan is a defeated foe. I rejoice that his defeat was accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ in his sinless life, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension into glory. I look forward to that day when the Lord Jesus Christ rules, while Satan is bound in the bottomless pit. I know that Satan ultimately will be forever consigned to the lake of fire prepared for him and his angels. I rejoice that you have given to me, in my union with the Lord Jesus Christ, complete victory over Satan today. By faith, I express my desire to abide in the protection and blessing of the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray the omnipotent power of his name over my family, and over all you have given me and called me to do. I pray the name of the Lord Jesus Christ against Satan and all that his kingdom would do to hinder God- plan for my life. I enter into my victory aggressively and claim my place as more than a conqueror (Rom. 8:37) through him that loved me. I refuse to admit continuing defeat by Satan in any area of my life. He cannot and will not rule over me. I am dead with Christ to his rule. I praise you for the Cross and the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, desiring all the benefits of his death to focus upon my life, my family, and over all that you have given me and called me to do. I affirm that my death with Christ can defeat the control and rule of sin, of death, and of Satan. I desire the shed blood of Christ to be against all that Satan is doing to hinder me. Grant to me the grace to affirm your victory even when experiences of life seem to say otherwise. Grant to me the wisdom to know that the fierceness of the battle is not evidence of defeat. I thank you for each phase of all battles that I may and will experience and I thank you for all that you are seeking to accomplish in your wisdom and design for my life. I accept the battles and rejoice in your purpose. I willingly accept and desire to profit from all of your purpose in letting Satan- kingdom get at me, for I know that except by the volition of my will and flesh Satan cannot come through the wall and hedge of protection you erect for your children without your express consent and will. (see Job-€) I reject all of Satan- purpose. I thank you for what you are doing by allowing Satan- kingdom to war against me. Use the battle to refine, to deepen, to mature, to humble, and to build my faith. Grant to me the insight and understanding to know my victory. I desire that the roots of my assurance of victory would go down deeply into the essential doctrines of your Word. I want to see myself as being invincibly strong through my union with Christ, the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, the wholeness of your provided armor, the allness of prayer, and the communion of loyalty and obedience to your Church and Magisterium. Teach me how to appropriate my victory in a practical, daily practice. Through the victory of my Lord and Savior, I stand resolute and strong upon the certainty of my victory. In confidence, I look to You, Lord Jesus Christ. Humbly I use the authority of my union with Christ to pull down all of Satan- strongholds and all of his plans formed against me personally, against my family, and against God- appointed plan for my life. I deliberately submit my life and apostolate to your Lordship and to the guidance of your One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. I acknowledge that everything that is good about my life, home, and all that you have given me and called me to do is because of your lordship and gracious blessing. By faith, I claim my invincible right to be strong and victorious in your complete salvation. I refuse to be discouraged. I reject all emotions that make me feel defeated. I choose to live as one who is more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ my Lord. When your purpose for each of the trials that come into my life is fulfilled, I know that it shall fade into the dimness of forgotten battles and a defeated enemy. Through the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ, with all thanksgiving, and with the intercessions of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Blessed St. Michael the Archangel, the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, Sts. Benedict and Padre Pio, my Guardian Angel, and all the Saints and Angels of Heaven, it shall be so. Amen. Renunciation Ritual Prayer Prayer for Filling of The Holy Spirit -->
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