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Francis MacNutt
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Return to Index - Francis MacNutt’s books include: Deliverance from Evil Spirits: A Practical Manual Healing Prayer that Heals The Power to Heal Praying for Your Unborn Child Overcome by the Spirit:- The Extraordinary Phenomenon that is Happening to Ordinary People
The Nearly Perfect Crime: How the Church Almost Killed the Ministry of Healing -€¦and others Although there is a lot of good material in Mr. MacNutt- books, we cannot offer a overall positive recommendation. Mr. MacNutt is a laicized priest who is so concerned about ecumenism that the Catholic distinctives has faded away in favor not offending non-Catholics. He is more a Pentecostal charismatic with all the erroneous praxiology about healing, spiritual warfare, the gifts of the Spirit, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit that comes with Pentecostalism. While it is true that one could, if they know what to look for, sift through and filter out the non-Catholic or pseudo-Catholic notions and worldview and thereby find some good material, we would ask why risk it when there is no legitimate information in his books that cannot be found in the books of solidly orthodox Catholics who are Catholic and can be trusted to present a thoroughly Catholic teaching and worldview instead of some combination of Protestant Pentecostal/Catholicism. Protection Prayer before an Activity All books by Fr. Richard Rohr -->
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