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Camelot Warfare Library - The Catholic (Christian) Demonologist Handbook (updated)

by Catherine Frakas 12 May 2013

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The Catholic (Christian) Demonologist Handbook (updated)
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Return to Index Revised and Updated:- July 19, 2015 by Kenneth Deel The bio for Mr. Deel posted with his new revised book, Christian Demonologist Handbook, states: Kenneth G. Deel and Farah Rose Deel are Catholic Spiritual Warfare Counselors, field investigators, Demonologists, A rare Husband and Wife team in the trenches of the Paranormal /Spiritual Warfare investigations as well as education, with a combined 80+ years actual experience and studies related to Ghost and Demonic hauntings, possessions… Cradle Roman Catholics, trained Catechists, currently they are working under the authority of the RCC as a special Healing Ministry in Spiritual warfare, as Counselors, field investigators, and Demonologists. They are also providing education of Clergy and Laity, in public and private forums and venues on these related topics, in Lectures, books, Course-ware, and multi-media presentations. Which includes up to a higher level education on related topics and testimony from personal experiences. Excerpts From their FAQ:
1) We are Practicing Roman Catholic, Cradle Catholics, and now in our Fifties. [so, these two claim to be researcher since teen years. While this may be true in a general sense, it is padding the credentials as it is doubtful that any serious professional research was done all those yea[so, these two claim to be researcher since teen years. While this may be true in a general sense, it is padding the credentials as it is doubtful that any serious professional research was done years.] 3) As we are Roman Catholic, we will receive referrals from the Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese. However, Please do not use this contact if you have our direct contact information, and please note that referrals through the Diocesan office is only for local cases only whom are within the diocese region. (Exception Roman Catholic clergy)So it is best to contact us directly at:- {phone/email deleted} 14) We are not Ghost Busters, The RCC church refers to what we do as a Healing Ministry in many ways that embodies all that we do.Even when it is helping people ‘convert’ to the faith. 20) To settle a misquote: Baptism Renewal is a good idea if you have Flat-lined (died and was revived), because it re-affirms you faith, blesses yuou, and includes the minor rite. It’s a great way to start a second chance in this world! 22) As individuals we follow the guidelines and supervision of our (Roman Catholic Clergy) Spiritual Adviser/Spiritual Directors and Diocese Tribunal JCL, and Local Bishop, (and Our Pope.) We place him on this list because of assertions he made in his underground edition of his book. He claims in his FAQ, quoted above, that we misquoted him. Below is the verbatim quote from his book (emphasis ours):-
- …if you flat-line and die, you need to be re-baptized, partly because the simple exorcism built into it. You want to remove attachments you might return to life with. Second, to re-anoint you a Christian, this is based on the idea that in coming back after no heartbeat, this is a physical ‘rebirth’. You could very well require a renewal of Baptism. Regardless we should play it safe and follow through with these. If you find that your Priest / Preacher / Pastor tries to tell you this is not necessary, then I suggest that you should go to someone else. Don’t take ANY chances. There is so much today’s clergy do not know (underground edition, p. 69). In a response to our review of his book on Amazon, Mr. Deel tries to deflect attention away from the false notion and probable heresy that one must be re-baptized (his word) by saying that what he really meant was that a person could very well require a renewal of Baptism. Renewal of Baptismal promises is something that we all should do everyday. But, Mr., Deel says this it may be required after one is revived. This is nonsense and not Church teaching. Mr. Deel has the unmitigated arrogance to suggest that one should ignore any priest who disagrees with this. There is a reason why priests disagree with this- -€” because it is nonsense, not Church teaching, and utterly without theological justification. Mr. Deel’s entire notion of so-called death’ and revival is without merit. This defection, however, does not dismiss the fact that Mr. Deel is promoting re-baptism. This notion is what he wrote, but hasn’t the courage to say he misspoke, or if he really believes that notion, to repent of the error.- There is no misquote. Ken asserts a theological point about Baptism that is unheard of by all the Popes and theologians of the Catholic Church for the past 2000 years. The mark of Baptism is indelibly placed on one’s soul forever. The idea that one needs to be re-baptized if one dies and is revived is, at best a profound theological error, and at worse a formal heresy. It is also unheard of the one must be re-anointed a Christian should one die and be revived. - The Church makes it crystal clear that Baptism can never be repeated. Here is the Catholic Catechism:
- 1272 Incorporated into Christ by Baptism, the person baptized is configured to Christ. Baptism seals the Christian with the indelible spiritual mark (character) of his belonging to Christ. No sin can erase this mark, even if sin prevents Baptism from bearing the fruits of salvation. Given once for all, Baptism cannot be repeated. Ken’s odd theology here seems to be grounded in the false idea that when coming back after ‘no heartbeat’, this is a physical ‘rebirth.' This, too, is a novel idea unheard of in theology, philosophy, or medicine. Ken would do well to stay close to what is established theology rather than to venture into the thorn-bushes of novel ideas. - In addition to these profound errors and possible heresy, Ken, who otherwise may be a good Catholic, has, like Icarus, flown too close to the sun by his association with various ghost busters who seem to have no knowledge of the theology of demons and angels and who practice dangerous methodologies that are hostile to Christianity. His flying too close to the sun is also seen in his close association with the Warrens, who are also Catholics whose ideas and practices are contrary to Catholic teaching (e.g. employing Bishop McKenna, a schismatic and illicit bishop, and employing psychics and occult techniques, etc.) - The Warrens also assert erroneous notions as if they are dogma, such as the reason for cold spots. The Warrens, and nearly all paranormal investigators who take their lead from the Warrens, claim spirits must use energy from this world in order to manifest. One learns in Angelology 101 that angels and demons are spiritual entities who are not dependent upon this material world for anything. They do not need to suck energy out of our world to manifest, or come through portals and other such nonsense. - To Ken’s credit he seems to not completely follow the Warrens on this point (Ibid., p. 86), but I am not sure what he believes about this as his writing is so bad that it can be hard to understand what he is trying to say. - I think that Ken has good intentions and probably would not have strayed from Catholic teaching and other irregularities if he had not associated with the Warrens and other so-called paranormal investigators, nearly all of whom have ideas and practices that are in error. - Because of this, his book cannot be recommended especially in light of the many books and documents from credible people whereby one can learn about this subject. (See recommended books). Additional Note: We have not read Ken’s new and revised book. This review is of this underground edition. Thus, we hope that Ken just misspoke, mortified his pride to admit that, and corrected these errors in his subsequent books. Until such time as we can confirm that Ken will have to remain on our do not recommend list. Ken now claims official connection with his diocese. This has not been confirmed by us as of this date. Pigs in the Parlor: A Practical Guide to Deliverance Hedge Prayer for Protection of Priests & Religious -->
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