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Excellence in Religious Broadcasting Network - ~Signs of the Times

by Catherine Frakas 07 Dec 2008

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Progressivism in Society and in our Church Filed Under (~Signs of the Times) on 02-10-2010
Tags: Church, Progressive Movement
Listen NowTopics: Progressivism in our society and in our Church, USCCB Scandals, What is mortification for Lent, Is Adam and Eve True, more destructive movies, need to be grounded in the faith, dangers of the ghost buster shows, end time theology. Listen live: Wednesdays, 2pm Central Time (UTC -6) | Call in to live show: (347) 308-8078 Leave a question or comment at: (515) 864-0226 (0) Comments Read more >>
How to Live a Devout Life Filed Under (~Signs of the Times) on 01-27-2010
Tags: Listen Now Topics: The Need to Guard our Senses with movies and other media; Plausibility makes us accomplices to sin; Jesus gave us the Church to prepare us for death and judgment thus we need to preach about the four last things; Can a Christian be possessed; a Rule of Life, how to be devout through bible study, the Church, and the Saints; there is a Saint for everyone; recommend Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales; How history proves the Catholic Church; how the Bible is a product of the Church. (0) Comments Read more >>
The Mystery of Evil Filed Under (~Signs of the Times) on 01-22-2010
Tags: Listen Now Topics: Massachusetts Election and consequences; Obama and material dialectics; Not about politics, but about the protection of our Faith; Did God zap Haiti?; Is the Devil defeated by the Cross?; Mystery of the Fallen Angels and of Evil; Free-will; Three types of soul; Seven Kinds of Ghosts, Can demons hear our thoughts?; Abandonment to God .
Listen live: Wednesdays, 2pm Central Time (UTC -6) | Call in to live show: (347) 308-8078 Leave a question or comment at: (515) 864-0226 (0) Comments Read more >>
Demonic Manipulations in Media and Culture Filed Under (~Signs of the Times) on 01-13-2010
Tags: Listen NowTopics: Disaster in Haiti, Dialectic Materialism (the anti-Christ), attack on Religion, the movie Avatar, the devil’s manipulations in media and culture. (0) Comments Read more >>
War Against Christmas – Seasonal Depression Filed Under (~Signs of the Times) on 12-16-2009
Tags: Listen NowTopics: Birth pangs of the End Times; War against Christmas; Suicide, Diminished Capacity, and mortal sin; Rapture Theory of Dispensationalism; the dilemma of mixed marriages. (0) Comments Read more >> The Battle between Angels & Demons Filed Under (~Signs of the Times) on 12-02-2009
Tags: Listen NowTopics:Battle between angels and demons; Battle over souls and nations; devil’s scheme in battle between communism and capitalism; dialectic materialism as anti-Christ; coping with temptations and God’s promise; Angels cannot violate free will; natural order of consequences; the nine sins that incur auto-excommunication; marriage laws in the Church; the myth of 2012. (0) Comments Read more >> Experiences of Doing Deliverance Filed Under (~Signs of the Times) on 10-07-2009
Tags: Listen NowTopics: Archbishop Chaput corrects Vatican Cardinal about Obama; Media not telling the truth and people are tired of it; Memorial Cross controversy in Arizona; Constitution and the establishment of religion clause; magic sets for children; books that include witches or witch worldview (Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings); magicians with occult trappings; the appearance of evil such as on Halloween; Dangers of Centering Prayer; about pagan understandings of God; experiences of doing deliverance; how we train deliverance counselors. (0) Comments Read more >> Action, not Grumbling is Needed Filed Under (~Signs of the Times) on 09-30-2009
Tags: Listen NowTopics: The Case of Roman Polanski; Need for Action, not Grumbling about issues with Obama, society, or our Church; the scrupulous about sin, the nature of Islam. (0) Comments Read more >> Prolife Martyr, Halloween, Exorcisms and Deliverance Filed Under (~Signs of the Times) on 09-16-2009
Tags: Listen NowTopics: The Death of Jim Pouillan, a pro-life activist was murdered for his faith and views on life this last Friday; Media reports were non-existence or delayed; Jack Black’s blasphemy; Should Christians participate in Halloween; the role of Bishop as shepherds and what real shepherds do; the differences between exorcism and deliverance. (0) Comments Read more >> Can Demons Attach Themselves to Us? Filed Under (~Signs of the Times) on 09-09-2009
Tags: Listen Now Topics: The devil tries to convince us that we do not have the power to effect our society. This is a lie. If citizens stand up and work on a problem, things can be done; the nature of language engineering as a precursor to social engineering; we cannot take God out of our society or our politics without consequences; in this chaotic world today we Christians need to stop carping at each other; we can innocently have demons attach themselves to us — Brother gives examples, the dangers of Centering Prayer. (0) Comments Read more >>
Pope at the Computer The Internet causes billions of images to appear on millions of computer monitors around the planet. From this galaxy of sight and sound will the face of Christ emerge and the voice of Christ be heard? For it is only when His face is seen and His voice heard that the world will know the glad tidings of our redemption. ...Therefore,... I dare to summon the whole Church bravely to cross this new threshold, to put out into the deep of the Net, so that now as in the past the great engagement of the Gospel and culture may show to the world ‘the glory of God on the face of Christ’. —Saint Pope John Paul II

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