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In My Angel's Lap

by Catherine Frakas 21 Jan 2009

In My Angel's Lap
Behold I will send my angel, who shall go before thee, and keep thee in thy journey, and bring thee into the place that I have prepared. -- John 14:2
Are they not all ministering spirits sent to minister for them, who shall receive the inheritance of salvation. -- Hebrews 1:14
The angel of the Lord shall encamp round about them that fear him, and shall deliver them. --Psalms 34:8
In the wee morning hours of a day not too long ago, yet a long time ago it seems, the sun arose to announce the glory of God's day. I felt a thrill of the rising Sun and the glory of my Lord and Almighty God who created this wonderful universe. Yet this day I was also feeling sorry for myself and felt a darkness around me.
I knew God was with me in the mission he had given me to do -- a mission to preach the Gospel of obedience and love and thereby to participate as one of our Blessed Mother's Apostles of the Latter Times to crush the head of Satan -- the enemy of obedience and all that is love.
Oh how evil this world is and how vicious Satan has been these last 100 or so years. God had called me to be a part of that army of warriors to be on the front lines. But it was taking its toll on me. The work God had me doing placed me in direct fire of the evil one's arrows in an unrelenting manner. Yes, I knew that what God had commissioned, He empowered and dispensed the grace to finish.
But this day I was so human.
The neverending battle, and never relenting dogs of war biting at my heel seemed almost too much. I know better and know God will not allow more than we can bear, but I wasn't feeling that on this morning. I was feeling tired and weary of the battle.
Alone as a hermit there was no one to talk to about this, no one to lean on for reassurance and thus I stared out the window from my bed at the rising Sun knowing my God had all things in His control, but feeling a need to retire perhaps from my calling.
At that moment, my angel appeared with me on the bed, not in a visual way, but a spiritual and very real presence. My angel didn't say a thing. He just put his hand on my head in reassurance and allowed me to lay my head on his lap. My angel then stroked my hair as would a mother comforting a child.
Then I saw demons like mosquitoes outside the window trying to spoil this moment. I calmly asked my angel to shew them. With a causal brush of his hand, the demons were cast away.
What was left of this scene was a rising Sun of Glory, and my head in the lap of an Angel comforting me. No words. No spoken message. Only a need, a need to be comforted in a moment of trial and the awesome and overwhelming love of a God who allowed me a few moments to rest, to rest my weary head and travails in the lap of His angel, my Guardian Angel and receive the comfort and reassurance of God's love and his mission for me that surpasses all understanding.
Thank you O, my God, my Father and Creator and Savior for this one moment.
Perhaps there has been that time in your life when the burden seems so heavy and you were unsure of how to continue. Let God speak to you now in this time of quiet meditation and contemplation. Perhaps scroll down the page and lose yourself in the angelic clouds. Let God touch your heart and comfort you, for He knows your needs.

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