A Quiet Place -- Contents

Adoration Chapel
Blessed Mary, Our Mother, I Love You
Nearer my God to Thee
Seek Ye First
Consecration of the Family
Faith, Hope, and Love
In My Angel's Lap

The Gates opens and the Angels Announce the rooms for meditation and contemplation. You are in a Very Special Place. This is a place where God dwells -- in your heart and soul. Allow your heart and your very soul to contemplate the angelic music and the words and thoughts and prayers offered up to the God of the Universe. You are in the presence of Love, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our Father, and our Counselor, and of course, our Blessed Mother. To leave go back out through the Gates. As the Gates shut behind you and you return to the world, remember, God loves you and is with you always -- even unto the end of the earth.

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