John Paul II Encyclicals

Encyclicals of Pope John Paul II Centesimus Annus Commemorating the Centenary of Rerum NovarumMay 1, 1991 Dives in Misericordia The Mercy of GodNovember 30, 1980 Dominum et Vivificantem on the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church and the WorldMay 18, 1986 Evangelium Vitaeon the Value and Inviolability of Human LifeMarch 25, 1995 Fides Et Ratioon the Relationship Between Faith and ReasonOctober 15, 1998 Laboren Exercens on Human Work on the Ninetieth Anniversary of Rerum NovarumSeptember 14, 1981 Redemptor Hominis on the Redemption of ManMarch 4, 1979 Redemptoris Materon the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Life of the Pilgrim ChurchMarch 25, 1987 Sollicitudo Rei SocialisFor the Twentieth Anniversary of Populorum ProgressioJune 2, 1985 Slavorum Apostoli Commemoration of the Eleventh Centenary of the Evangelizing Work of saints Cyril and MethodiusJune 2, 1985 Ut Unum Sint on Commitment to EcumenismMay 25, 1995 Veritatis Splendor Regarding Certain Fundamental Questions of the Church's Moral TeachingAugust 6, 1993

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