General Audience, November 29, 2000

God, Who is the Father of All, Offers the Gift of Salvation to All the Nations Pope John Paul II General Audience November 29, 2000 Dear Brothers and Sisters, In today's catechesis we reflect on the theme of interreligious dialogue. God, who is the Father of all, offers the gift of salvation to all the nations. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, who is also at work outside the visible limits of the Church, people in every part of the world seek to adore God in an authentic way. The religious texts of other religions point to a future of communion with God, of purification and salvation; and they encourage people to seek the truth and defend the values of life, holiness, justice, peace and freedom. When Christians engage in interreligious dialogue, they bring with them their faith in Jesus Christ, the only Saviour of the world. This same faith teaches them to recognize the authentic religious experiences of others and to listen to them in a spirit of humility, in order to discover and appreciate every ray of truth, from wherever it comes. I extend a warm welcome to the English-speaking visitors, especially the Jubilee pilgrims from England and the United States of America. I pray that your visit to Rome will be a time of particular grace for you, as you are renewed in faith, hope and charity at the tombs of the Apostles. Entrusting you and your families to the protection of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer, I invoke upon you all the abundant blessings of Almighty God.

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