Biography - Pope Clement IX - The Papal Library

Clement IX 1667-1669 Giulio Rospigliosi born 1600 Clement IX was born at Pistoja, on the 28th of January,1600, of a noble family which has given a host of distinguished personages to the world. Giulio, after studying in the Roman College under three famous professors—Faminius Strada, Alexander Donati, and Torquato de Cupis—went to the University of Pisa, where he received the doctorate of philosophy and of both laws. Urban, who esteemed his vast erudition, made him referendary of both signatures, and then secretary of the Congregation of Rites, canon and vicar of Saint Mary Major, judge a latere of the legation of Avignon, secretary of briefs to the princes in 1641, Archbishop of Tarsus, and nuncio to the court of King Philip IV, where he obtained from that prince a favor which never failed. After the death of Innocent X, Giulio, recalled from the brilliant nunciature in which he had served the Church eleven years, found himself merely a canon of Saint Mary Major. The Sacred College, appreciating his merit, made him governor of Rome during the conclave that elected Alexander VII, and that pope, in 1657, him a cardinal. Corraro, the Venetian ambassador at Rome, praises Rospigliosi as a secretary of state. I do not know a better-natured man, writes the Venetian. I cannot praise him too highly. He fills that post most successfully. The pope knows it well, and says that he has found a secretary after his own heart. Rospigliosi has a sound judgment; he knows no interest foreign to his duty; he is never obstinate in his opinions; when he has plainly stated them he appears pleased to hear them modified or even censured, if the interest of his master

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