Biography - Pope Benedict XIV - The Papal Library

Benedict XIV1740-1758 Prospero Lambertini born 1675 Benedict XIV was born at Bologna on the 31st of March, 1675, and was the son of Marcellos Lambertini, senator, of illustrious family, and of Lucrezia Bulgarini. Prospero went to Rome in 1688, as a pupil in the Clementine College, on leaving which he applied himself to jurisprudence. Pope Clement XI frequently consulted him in difficult controversies, and at length made him consistorial advocate and promoter of the faith, and then domestic prelate. In 1712 he made him a canon of Saint Peter's. After obtaining many and various dignities, Prospero was named secretary of the Congregation of the Council. In 1722 Innocent XIII made him canonist to the penitentiary. Benedict XIII, in 1724, named him Archbishop of Theodosia in partibus, on the 9th of December in that year created him cardinal, reserving him in petto until the 30th of April, 1728. Clement XII, in the consistory of the 30th of April, 1731, named him archbishop of his native Bologna; and Prospero, after becoming pope, would not renounce that archbishopri il twelve years later. After the death and funeral of Clement XII, the cardinals, to the number of thirty-two, entered into conclave with the intention of giving the tiara to Cardinal Ottoboni, dean of the Sacred College; but an opposition was raised on account of the cardinal being protector of France. Meanwhile Cardinal Ottoboni died, and other cardinals arriving, the conclave consisted of fi

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