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Meditations from the Hermitage - Mortification

by Catherine Frakas 20 Feb 2010

Meditations from the Hermitage
Occasional Reflections from the Wilderness Home

Bro. Ignatius Mary
Source Material for the Meditations
Contact Privately A Time for Penance February 19th, 2010 Listen Now
Friday after Ash Wednesday Our daily work is a source of little mortifications that God asks of us. To be a penitent soul we need to stick to our daily prayer. Posted in Lent, Mortification, Penance | Tags: | No Comments
The Cross of Each Day February 18th, 2010 Listen Now
Thursday after Ash Wednesday In our daily lives we need to offer up disappointments and the little irritations and details. Jesus said, If any man would come after me, let him deny himself… We need to pick up our Cross not only on the big things, but also in the little details of daily life. Posted in Lent, Mortification | Tags: | No Comments
The Faith of the Kings January 5th, 2010 Listen Now
We need to overcome the need for human respect, comfort, and attachment to worldly goods to remain firm in the faith that we an seek our Lord. Posted in Abandonment, Christmas Season, Humility, Mortification | Tags: | No Comments
Patience in Adversity November 25th, 2009 Listen Now
Patience is part of the virtue of fortitude. Our Lord exhorts us to have patience and to persevere no matter what should happen in our lives. Patience gives us the opportunity for us to grow in humility. Posted in Humility, Mortification, Ordinary Time, Virtue | Tags: | No Comments
The Fruits of the Cross November 4th, 2009 Listen Now
Suffering is a glorious opportunity for grace. If we join our suffering with Christ, suffering becomes redemptive not only for us, but for the whole world. We become active participants in the Lord’s work of salvation and by sanctifying our suffering win for ourselves the glory of Heaven. Posted in Abandonment, Blessings, Mortification, Ordinary Time, Perfection, Perseverence | Tags: | No Comments
Preparing the Soul October 2nd, 2009 Listen Now
Jesus tried hard to convert the cities along the shores of Lake Gennesareth but they were hard hearted and refused to convert. Without this conversion it was unlikely these people would recognize Christ in their midst. We too, can be hard hearted and not recognize the grace of God in our lives. We need to mortify ourselves which prepares our soul to listen to the Lord. This is why Fridays are a day of penance in the Church. Posted in Abandonment, Mortification, Ordinary Time | Tags: | No Comments
The Good Ground September 19th, 2009 Listen Now
Hearts which have become hardened due to a lack of contrition are incapable of receiving the divine word. Jesus plants the seed within us, but it must fall on good ground for it to grow and blossom. Let us work to be on good ground by avoiding even the smallest sins of our daily life. Posted in Confession, Mortification, Ordinary Time, Spiritual Life | Tags: | No Comments
Speaking Well of Others September 16th, 2009 Listen Now God has given us the gift of speech, but like all other gifts we have a duty to be steward of the gift. We need to be careful how we speak of others. St. Ignatius tells us to always presume good in another’s speech or actions unless there is evidence to the contrary. When we are defamed ourselves we have a duty to defend the truth, but to do so quietly and charitably. Posted in Humility, Mortification, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor | Tags: | No Comments
Our Lady of Sorrows September 15th, 2009 Listen Now Our Lady suffered with her Son. She, too, felt the blows, the beatings, the nails. To one who loves more, the more they feel the pain of their beloved. While every mother feels the pain of her children, Mary has full of grace, holy, and with perfect love. Thus, with a perfect love of her Son, she felt his pain more. Knowing this, we should accept our pains and offer them up for the salvation of souls. Posted in Love, Mary, Mortification, Ordinary Time | Tags: | No Comments St. Michael Time
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