Meditations from the Hermitage - Love

Meditations from the Hermitage
Occasional Reflections from the Wilderness Home

Bro. Ignatius Mary
Source Material for the Meditations
Contact Privately Our Lady of Sorrows September 15th, 2009 Listen Now Our Lady suffered with her Son. She, too, felt the blows, the beatings, the nails. To one who loves more, the more they feel the pain of their beloved. While every mother feels the pain of her children, Mary has full of grace, holy, and with perfect love. Thus, with a perfect love of her Son, she felt his pain more. Knowing this, we should accept our pains and offer them up for the salvation of souls. Posted in Love, Mary, Mortification, Ordinary Time | Tags: | No Comments
Getting on with All the People Around Us January 16th, 2010 Listen Now
Saturday of the First Week of Ordinary Time A Christian cannot be closed in on himself, without any concern for what is happening around him. Jesus shows us how to relate to all sorts of people. Posted in Family, Forgiveness, Humility, Love, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor | Tags: | No Comments
Prayer and Apostolate January 13th, 2010 Listen Now
Wednesday of the First Week of Ordinary Time A man’s heart is made to love God. God wants and searches for a personal encounter with each one of us. Christ calls each of us to a Christian life and to eternal life. Let us pray for our families, friends, co-workers, and all strangers that they will respond to God’s call. Posted in Love, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor, The Apostolate | Tags: | No Comments
Children of God January 12th, 2010 Listen Now
Tuesday of the First Week of Ordinary Time Awareness of our divine filiation gives meaning to our day. Jesus taught us that we can call God daddy, which is what abba means. We can have the intimacy of a son with our Father God because we His children. Posted in Love, Ordinary Time | Tags: | No Comments
The Lord Never Withholds His Grace November 16th, 2009 Listen Now
It is in times of obscurity and trail that we need to pray more earnestly. We need to ask with boldness like the blind beggar, Lord that I may see , and our Lord will open your eyes to enjoy the brightness He grants you. Posted in Faith, Love, Ordinary Time, Perseverence, Prayer | Tags: | No Comments
The Prayer of Petition and Divine Mercy November 14th, 2009 Listen Now
We need to put all our confidence in the infinite goodness of God. God loves us and He wants us to pray to Him and ask petitions. He is not like human judges with human wisdom, but is a loving Father who wants what is best for us. He grants our proper prayers when we are ready for the gift. Posted in Blessings, Love, Ordinary Time, Prayer | Tags: | No Comments
The Love of Jesus October 29th, 2009 Listen Now
Our refuge and our strength lie in the love of God. God has not left us alone in this world. Jesus promised he would be with us and indeed he is literally in the Eucharist. We need to be with Jesus everyday and in as much as we can to adore him in the Tabernacle. Posted in Blessings, Devotion, Love, Ordinary Time, The Eucharist | Tags: | No Comments
The Glory of the Children of God October 27th, 2009 Listen Now
At baptism our souls are regenerated allowing us to participate in the divine nature. This makes us sons of God. God is saying we can treat him like Daddy, like a son does to his father who can deny us him anything. Posted in Blessings, Family, Love, Ordinary Time | Tags: | No Comments
Divine Filiation September 11th, 2009 Listen Now
Our Lord God, our Father, wishes to make us his sons and daughters. He has given us the dignity of being a member of His family. As the King’s Kids we receive many benefits including the privilege of talking to our Heavenly Father as a child taking to his daddy. We no longer have to struggle on our own through this life because we have a Father who loves us and helps us. Posted in Blessings, Family, Love, Ordinary Time, Spiritual Life | Tags: | No Comments
The Merit of Good Works September 10th, 2009 Listen Now
Jesus tells us that even the smallest deeds that we do for him will receive merit in heaven. When God saves us through his grace He expects to live out our Christian lives in works of love. Those works are not just any acts of love, but must be superior than the acts of love by an unbeliever. Posted in Blessings, Love, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor, The Apostolate | Tags: | No Comments St. Michael Time
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