Meditations from the Hermitage - Acts of Mercy

Meditations from the Hermitage
Occasional Reflections from the Wilderness Home

Bro. Ignatius Mary
Source Material for the Meditations
Contact Privately Without Human Respect October 30th, 2009 Listen Now
Jesus had no respect for human interpretations of the Sabbath. He healed on the Sabbath despite the criticism by the Pharisees. At the dinner a infirmed man came in and said nothing but stood in before Jesus. Jesus healed him. We too need to stand before our Lord and say nothing but rather to allow our Lord to heal us. Posted in Healing, Ordinary Time | Tags: Acts of Mercy | No Comments
Looking Up to Heaven October 26th, 2009 Listen Now
The leaders of the synagogue criticized Jesus for healing a woman on the Sabbath. Jesus, however, placed the Sabbath in its proper perspective and called the leaders hypocrites for working with animals on the Sabbath. Jesus considered a human being more important. We, too, need to keep our lives in perspective and lift up our hearts to our Lord. We also need to always be compassionate and never pass by pain or misery. Posted in Healing, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor | Tags: Acts of Mercy | No Comments
Without Waiting for a Reward November 2nd, 2009 Listen Now
Jesus said if we love those who love us, what credit is that to us? Even sinners do that. Christian charity transcends human charity. As Christians we need to give of ourselves, help the poor and the infirmed, and do all sorts of good works without any expectation or want of any favors in return. Christians give for the love of God and expect nothing in return. Posted in Love, Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor, Service, Stewardship | Tags: Acts of Mercy | No Comments
Taking Care of One Another October 5th, 2009 Listen Now
Christ is the Good Samaritan who comes down from Heaven to heal and help us. As Christ is our Good Samaritan, so we too should be Good Samaritans to our neighbors who may be in need. By doing this, people will see Christ in us and perhaps seek Him themselves. Posted in Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor | Tags: Acts of Mercy | No Comments
To Visit the Sick September 23rd, 2009 Listen Now
To imitate Christ we must imitate his compassion for the sick and the suffering. As we treat the sick and suffering we treat Christ himself. Let us take a close look at the attention we pay to those who suffer. Posted in Ordinary Time, Our Neighbor | Tags: Acts of Mercy | No Comments St. Michael Time
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