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Meditations from the Hermitage - Abandonment

by Catherine Frakas 19 Feb 2010

Meditations from the Hermitage
Occasional Reflections from the Wilderness Home

Bro. Ignatius Mary
Source Material for the Meditations
Contact Privately The Faith of the Kings January 5th, 2010 Listen Now
We need to overcome the need for human respect, comfort, and attachment to worldly goods to remain firm in the faith that we an seek our Lord. Posted in Abandonment, Christmas Season, Humility, Mortification | Tags: | No Comments
The Fruits of the Cross November 4th, 2009 Listen Now
Suffering is a glorious opportunity for grace. If we join our suffering with Christ, suffering becomes redemptive not only for us, but for the whole world. We become active participants in the Lord’s work of salvation and by sanctifying our suffering win for ourselves the glory of Heaven. Posted in Abandonment, Blessings, Mortification, Ordinary Time, Perfection, Perseverence | Tags: | No Comments
Preparing the Soul October 2nd, 2009 Listen Now
Jesus tried hard to convert the cities along the shores of Lake Gennesareth but they were hard hearted and refused to convert. Without this conversion it was unlikely these people would recognize Christ in their midst. We too, can be hard hearted and not recognize the grace of God in our lives. We need to mortify ourselves which prepares our soul to listen to the Lord. This is why Fridays are a day of penance in the Church. Posted in Abandonment, Mortification, Ordinary Time | Tags: | No Comments
Christmas Meditation December 25th, 2009 Listen Now
In Bethlehem they did not want to receive Christ. Today, too, many people do not want to receive Him. The little Child born in that cave is the Son of God, he is God, and he brings us an intimacy with God that was not possible before, and He brings us redemption and salvation. Posted in Abandonment, Humility, Mary, Solemnities | Tags: Christmas Day | No Comments
The Look of Jesus October 11th, 2009 Listen Now
The greatest wisdom lies in finding Jesus Christ. There is nothing to be preferred to Christ. Health, wealth, beauty, youth, gold, anything at all that we place before Christ is a great folly. Posted in Abandonment, Devotion, Love, Ordinary Time, Spiritual Life | Tags: | No Comments
Our Feet of Clay November 24th, 2009 Listen Now
We all have feet of clay. One thing that is always before us is our sinfulness and weakness. But, God promises that no temptation will overcome us that we cannot handle and that He does not provide a way of escape. Trust and lean upon Jesus and through His sufficiency we can live the victorious Christ life. Posted in Abandonment, Faith, Humility, Ordinary Time, Spiritual Life, Virtue | Tags: | No Comments
Afterwards You Will Understand October 28th, 2009 Listen Now
We are in the hands of God. That means that everything God does for us, and everything He allows to happen to us is ordered for our eternal happiness. We may not understand this now while in the midst of tribulations, but in the end God will reveal all to us the reasons for it all. Posted in Abandonment, Faith, Ordinary Time, Service, Will of God | Tags: | No Comments
The Seat of Honor October 31st, 2009 Listen Now
Saturday is the day of our Blessed Mother. To grow in love for her is to grow in love with her Son and to learn true humilty. Just as those at the banquet discussed who should sit at the the seat of honor, we too concern ourselves about our honor and admiration. Authentic humility, however, is the basis of all virtues and Mary is the one who can train us to walk in that path. Posted in Abandonment, Humility, Mary, Ordinary Time | Tags: | No Comments
The Christian Meaning of the Goods of the Earth August 18th, 2009 Listen Now
The goods of the earth have been us to help us in our supernatural end to be with God. When we worship material goods, or our egos, or our intellect, or put anything above God then we make an idol for ourselves. All things are unimportant when compared to our God. Posted in Abandonment, Idolatry, Ordinary Time | Tags: | No Comments
Love and the Cross August 7th, 2009 Listen Now
Jesus says we must deny ourselves and pick up our cross. We must give all to Christ, resign and abandon ourselves to Him. In doing so, we truly can become all we can be. Posted in Abandonment, Faith, Ordinary Time, Perseverence | Tags: | No Comments St. Michael Time
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