St. Dallan

St. DallanPatron of Headaches and ofour Internet Apostolate

Dallan Forgaill (d. 598). Born in Connaught, Ireland, he was known for his learning and reputedly went blind because of his intensive studying. He wrote poetry, notably his Ambra Choluim Kille in praise of St. Columbia, and died at the hands of pirates at Inis-coel. Legend has it that St. Dallan made his own head reattach to his body after he was beheaded and thrown into the sea. His feast day is January 29.
We have chosen St. Dallan as the Patron Saint of our Internet Apostolate because of the severe attacks, verbal beatings, calumnies, libels, false innuendoes, defamation of character, and other insults we receive every day in the Internet Apostolate. The reason for these attacks is that we proclaim the Truth of Christ, and the Truth of the Catholic Church in uncompromised loyalty to the Magisterium and Pope of the Catholic Church. Since many do not wish to hear the truth and wish to re-invent the Church in their own image, they, in effect, behead us when we attempt to stand for truth in the face of their errors. We must then, reattach our head and keep moving forward for the cause of Christ and Church.

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